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In this case, the prices converged since the blue line went up more than the red line. We spotted a convergence on 13th Feb 2019. Thus, we closed our trade. From 28th Jan to 13th Feb 2019, Z (blue) went up by 6.56% and EWU (red) went up by 3.62%. We bought $100 worth of blue. That is now $106.56; a $6.56 profit. We shorted $100 worth of red.

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Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet. A quick reference guide for regular expressions (regex), including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions and some sample patterns to get you started. DaveChild. 19 Oct 11, updated 12 Mar 20. development, regex, regular, expressions, programming. 2 Pages.

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Here, command switch defines whether the oscillator should be plotted as the difference itself ( case points) or as its percent ratio to the slower moving average ( case percent). Value Area & ShadowTrader Pivots thinkscript. A range where approximately 70% of the prior days volume traded. The range is derived from one standard deviation on either side of the mean which is roughly 70%. See: Market Profile. Also called “POC” for short. The level in the futures inside the value area where either the greatest amount of ....

In case a reversal occurs, it can be very swift towards the downside and back to the nearest support or floor where the buyers may come in. So, don't chase parabolic moves! And the second tip is #2: Trade with a build-up. A build-up is said to have occurred when the market is in consolidation.

The code below is written in ThinkScript and it is done specifically for ThinkOrSwim. WARNING! The use of the Single and Multi Timeframe SwingArm provides a visual interpretation of what is going on with the instrument that is being analyzed be it the Standard And Poors 500 index, Russell 2000, Nasdaq, Gold, Forex or Crypto Currencies, etc..

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